Cool Breeze


The floors in this home were covered with a fine loop Cavalier Bremworth Textone carpet. The colour choice was Silverstone  – complimenting the cool tones of the furniture pieces and sea views.

The homeowners are enjoying the carpet and were impressed with the personalised service they received:

“It has been a long time since we have lived in a nearly fully carpeted house, but have to say we are loving it. It has changed the house acoustics and general feeling of warmth. Thanks for all your support – It has been a real challenge with finding a carpet solution for this unique house, but you and your team have been so very understanding and helpful it has made the exercise a real pleasure and yes the carpet has just transformed our enjoyment of the house!”

 Photography: Alicia Khoo

PRODUCT: Cavalier Bremworth Textone Carpet

COLOUR: Silverstone