Rug Grip


Product Description

Rug grip is a multi-purpose non-skid underlay pad designed to fasten loose rugs tightly to a variety of surfaces including carpets,
vinyls, wooden floors and ceramic surfaces. Rug grip helps eliminate dangerous slipping and falling caused by creeping, crawling
and wrinkling of rugs and runners.


Floor Preparation

Prior to installing rug grip, the floor should be vacuumed, clean and dry.
Do not install the rug grip on a wet floor. In order to obtain long-lasting non-skid performance,
avoid frequent removal and re-installation of the rug grip.


Rug grip is guaranteed not to stain, oxidize or discolour properly installed, finished and maintained floors and carpet.


Fitting Instructions

Remove the rug grip from the packaging and cut into suitable strips to fit to the shape of your rug.
The rug grip should be applied to the perimeter of the rug. Apply additional strips to the centre if required.



On carpets – The white side of the rug will grip any textile floor covering (fitted carpet).
It is recommended that Rug Grip is not used on new carpets until sufficient time has passed to allow loose fibres in the carpet 
to shed and be removed by vacuuming. Fit white side onto carpet – place rug onto grey side. 



On hard floors – the grey side is ideal for use on hard flooring surfaces such and vinyl, wood, concrete, ceramic or marble.
Rug Grip adheres firmly to your rug and floor. Fit grey side down onto hard floor – place rug onto white side.